The Real Story Behind Jesus Of Suburbia And Whatsername


John Roecker debuted his latest short film "Jesus of Suburbia Loves Whatsername"  on his Vimeo channel this past Christmas Eve. This 30-minute short features Green Day's music and also utilizes footage that was intended for "Heart Like a Hand Grenade" documenting the band's making of their Grammy-winning album, "American Idiot".

Roecker explains the gist of his latest project to Huffington Post.

"The characters meet when the album is recorded. I wanted that Godard moment in Sympathy for the Devil, and Heart Like A Hand Grenade was turning out really long. I cut footage from 3 hours and stashed it, and forgot where it was. When our basement flooded, I found a lunch box and opened it up and there was the footage, so I cut it up and made the short."

Starring Mikey Brannon and Ashleigh Darkbloom as the main characters Jesus and Whatsername, Green Day themselves have allowed four of their rockin' tunes to be showcased-without authorization by the band's label, Warner Bros. Roecker himself is pleasantly optimistic about going through with the release despite any legal issues.

"Earlier this year, I lost forty-five percent of the vision in my right eye, and they can't repair it. At the hospital I said to myself, 'You know fuck it, I'm gonna release it if they sue me, they sue me.' Green Day is okay with it. And I would rather have five people see my work who like it, and how it was meant to be, than a million see it cut to pieces. I don't want to have any problems with Warner Bros. And record labels have their own problems to deal with. They might not even care. But it's nerve wracking, and it's a big decision."

Additionally, John has completed another documentary on "Harlow Caudra" and is best known for his work on "Svengali"; a goofy, punk rock web-series. You've probably seen his stop action film "Live Freaky, Die Freaky" with the likes of Billie Joe Armstrong, Kelly Osbourne, Tim Armstrong and many more providing voices for characters.

"People who I respect like my work, and that's what's important, that and having a community where you can create together. I don't care where you live, what town you're in. In the middle of nowhere, guaranteed there's another cool person out there, find them and work together. Make art."