Taylor Momsen Announces Tour With Evanescence


Taylor Momsen recently announced that her band The Pretty Reckless will be touring as Evanescence's opening act this summer and fall over Twitter. The news came during the same week Momsen celebrated her 18th birthday!

“Lots of bday announcements. #1. One of my first concerts, now we're touring with Evanescence… Presale July 28th!"

“#2 We'll be playing in Korea, Japan, China and Australia before Evanescence… starting with Lollapalooza in Chicago Aug 6th. #3…in the studio working on new tracks."

As for Evanescence, the group is readying their album for an October 11th release and is the follow up to 2006's "The Open Door"; the group has let fans preview new material such as "What You Want", "The Other Side" and "Lost in Paradise".

These Arkansas natives are also lining up a large handful of tour dates in the UK, Puerto Rico, South America and North America. They're also doing a one-off show in Nashville, Tennessee on August 17th, EV will be back to the US in November.

"We'll be touring the U.S. and Europe in October. It's not all [confirmed], but it's going to happen. We're doing Rock in Rio on the 2nd, and then I think Puerto Rico, and that's going to be awesome, because we've never played [there]. ... That's the beginning of the tour; the tour will start there, we'll come back to the States, do a few weeks in the bigger cities, and then go do the same thing in Europe, and then the next thing will happen."

A full slate of tour dates for Evanescence will be announced very soon according to a spokeswoman for the group's label, Wind-Up Records. She "told MTV News the band will begin announcing dates in two weeks, something Lee seemed to confirm Thursday when she took to twitter to let her fans know the wait is almost over."

"Guys, the tour dates that have been announced are only the beginning!" she wrote. "Don't be sad if you don't see a date in your town yet! We're coming!"