Stream Norah Jones' Album, "The Fall"

Norah Jones 2009

Singer and songwriter, Norah Jones is now streaming her new album on as part of their "Exclusive First Listen Series".  Her upcoming release, "The Fall", mixes together a familiar sound of pop and jazz with writing credits going to Ryan Adams and Okkervil River's Will Sheff. Her usual co-writing team Jesse Harris and Richard Julian also contribute their mega talents.

Jones' album was cleverly produced by Jacquire King who has previously worked with hot shot artists like: Tom Waits, Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse. Although rest assured this new record does not sound a slight bit like any of the artists we just mentioned! Norah experiments with her talents to create an awesome bluesy/rocking sound especially on tracks like "It's Gonna Be" and "Chasing Pirates" while other tunes feature the usual contemplative, mellow approach.

To add some more flair, Norah has called upon some of her most favorite artists to help remix certain songs including Beastie Boys, Santigold and Beck. "I had a wish list of a few people I wanted to play with. I really wanted to work with Joey Waronker because I've always loved his drumming on the Beck records. Beck's name came up a lot when we were trying to pick people for this record. At a certain point I almost thought, 'Well, maybe I should just ask Beck to produce because I keep looking to work with the people he's worked with. But I didn't try."

Now that she's exploring the world of rock, will she eventually venture into the hip hop realm? Hmmm...that question will soon be answered after her album drops on November 17th. The special deluxe edition of "The Fall" will feature six live tracks which will include covers of "Cry Cry Cry" from Johnny Cash and "Jesus Etc." from Wilco.

Look for Norah Jones on television when she hits up The Colbert Report on November 18th and "A Prarie Home Companion with Garrison Keller" on December 19th.

Below is a video with different clips from the album, enjoy!


can't wait to see her on Colbert

The music is different! Nice and mellow! LOL

No kiddies, Nice and mellow is good sometimes!