Seether Releases New Album This Spring


Seether are set to release their next album "Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray" this May, with the new single due sooner than that. "The first single from the album, rumored to be titled 'No Resolution' is due out in March."

Guitarist Troy McLawhorn and drummer John Humphrey confirmed the news during a recent interview with Honolulu Newspaper: The Star Advertiser, gave an inside look into the new record. “I think with this next album, the whole experience has been more about all of us contributing, [it] sounds much more like a unified band. I'm excited for people to hear it."

You may wonder why the album title is so long right? It is actually an important lyric in one of the new songs and "it was only fitting that the album have a long title considering the band's last album. 'Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces' also had a rather long title."

MacLawhorn explains the title, "Yeah, the next one's gonna be even longer!" Humphrey also adds on to this, "("Holding Onto Strings...) is actually a lyric from an important song on the album."

Bassist Dale Stewart chimes in with his two cents on the band's musical direction. “I think all of our stuff, you can definitely tell it’s us. It’s not night and day. We still have that signature sound. When we spoke about the last album, we thought that was the best one that we’ve done … up until then. There was a lot of pressure on us to get a little bit better again, but I think we have on this one.”

Seether have returned from playing a few shows for USO troops in Oahu, Hawaii.