Muse To Go Dubstep For New Album?


Muse released a teaser trailer for their follow up to 2009's "The Resistance" announcing only the brand new record's name, "The 2nd Law".

Although the clip also seems to use some dubstep to push a brief message about being environmentally conscious, not much information is given.

"Violins played furiously fast and an enormous choir of voices starts the video off, lending an incredible amount of melodrama to proceedings. On screen people run around frantically, Wall Street types buy and sell with phones clutched to their faces as shots of mines and a petrol pump hammer home the point that Muse have some kind of socially and environmentally conscious message to push. A ridiculously fake news broadcast features the anchor waxing lyrical about energy sources before, wait for it, the dubstep kicks in."

Tour dates for UK and Europe are also confirmed on Muse's official website kicking off October 16 in Montpellier, France at the Park & Suites Arena and concluding December 18 in Antwerp, Belgium at the Sportspaleis.

"The 2nd Law" will be available worldwide in mid-September.

Before we go check out this exciting teaser trailer for Muse!