Matt Skiba Forms New Band


Frontman to Alkaline Trio revealed that he's formed a new side band with members of AFI and My Chemical Romance. They've already recorded their debut album ,"Babylon", and will be released later this year.

They'll be known as Matt Skiba And The Sekrets, featuring AFI's Hunter Burgan on bass, and touring drummer for My Chem Jarrod Alexander who joined last September after Michael Pedicone was fired.

Skiba himself speaks about creating the band and how different it is working on his own projects. "Creating a record on my own and deciding who plays and how the songs were structured, it was fun to do. I love working with my band-mates in Alkaline Trio, but to make a rock record that was just mine was something that I wanted to do."

Speaking of Alkaline Trio, they'll be making up for a postponed tour from back in November 2011 due to Skiba's foot injury. They'll be rocking out the UK sometime this May!!