Lacuna Coil's North American Tour


Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil sat down with Exclaim! to discuss not only plans for a brief North American tour , but the difficulties of being a female front-woman in a very male dominated industry.

Even after rocking out in an Italian gothic metal band for 12 years, Scabbia still faces quite a lot of prejudices from other fellow musicians. "Being a woman in a rock/metal scene can be difficult". Scabbia goes on to explain just how difficult it has been for her and that in spite of all the criticizing, in the end she really doesn't care.

"The expectations are different. If you put on weight, people judge you but it never happens for guys. I've never heard people comment on how sexy or unsexy a male singer is. I always expect this judgement but I don't care. There are people who just need to criticize. Being around for this long, people understand that I can do my job whether they like my look or not. That's unnecessary anyway and I don't care because I'm comfortable in my own skin".

This obstacle ties in perfectly with the band's central theme of self-image for their fifth album, "Shallow Life". "That's exactly it. It's called 'Shallow Life' because it represents how superficial things are in life; how everything is based on looks and how beautiful and fit you have to be all the time because if not, you're a 'loser.' Basically this gave us inspiration for every song".

Don't get the wrong idea, according to Scabbia it is not a concept album of any sorts. However, she describes it as a "set of songs inspired by the same essence". "Each song still has a specific story and that general theme is not used all the time. The stories aren't connected all the time but a lot of them, like 'Spellbound,' are about being comfortable with yourself and aware of your potential despite what people want you to become".

Scheduled tour dates are listed below:

  • October 27th Calgary, AB-MacEwan Hall Ballroom
  • October 28th Edmonton, AB-Edmonton Events Centre
  • October 30th Winnipeg, MB-The Garrick Centre
  • November 16th Montreal, QC-Le Medley
  • November 17th Toronto, ON-Sound Academy


Damn straight Cristina!