Lacuna Coil Confirm US Release Date For 'Dark Adrenaline'


Lacuna Coil have officially announced January 24th as the release date for their sixth studio album, "Dark Adrenaline".

The album had to be delayed a few months but now the Italian rockstars are ready to take the North America by storm.

The new single from the album, "Trip The Darkness" will be unleashed onto radio next month. Additionally, a huge tour will be announced in the coming weeks-very exciting!

The single is also set to digitally debut in Europe next month on October 17, as well as receive an intimate club tour.

Lead vocalist for Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia, has issued the following statement:

"As some of you know, the release for 'Dark Adrenaline' was postponed a bit... and this made me even more nervous because I had to wait even more to spit it out! I am so thrilled I can finally say something about this album - ha! I simply love it. I feel this is the best work we have ever done, and it absolutely captures the essence of who we are. The atmosphere of the record will make a lot of old-school fans very happy, and the newer fans will enjoy the vibrant energy and the dark blood running through the songs. I really believe the 'Dark Adrenaline' will wake you up. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to enjoy the trip!"

Here is the current tracklisting for "Dark Adrenaline":

1. Trip The Darkness
2. Against You
3. Kill the Light
4. Give Me Something More
5. Upsidedown
6. End of Time
7. I Don't Believe in Tomorrow
8. Intoxicated
9. The Army Inside
10. Losing My Religion
11. Fire
12. My Spirit