Kelly Clarkson Can Rock!


Back in November we told you that Kelly Clarkson announced working on her follow up album to 2009's, "All I Ever Wanted". Now she's out to prove that she isn't just a talented pop star, but that she can also rock out! Earlier this month she told Atlanta radio station Q100 what's in store for the next era of her music.

"We're already working on it but it's probably not going to hit until, like, the fourth quarter of next year — around Christmas next year. There's still some like singer/songwriter stuff, but there's ... I don't know. It's almost like Garbage-meets-pop-meets-Muse. It's a little different."

Clarkson may be interested in a totally different genre, but in the end it could very well change all together. "I don't know how it's going to end up. Who knows? It always ends up being something completely different."

Leaks of the new material all seem to come from a You Tuber during a sound check or pre-show during her recent North American tour. Some of these include covers from Taylor Swift, U2, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones as well as her own work. Is Kelly ready to shed her American Idol skin and become a full out rocker chick?  We will definitely keep you informed!

Before we go, check out a new song below called "Far From Home"!


I would love to see her finally let go of her AI crutch!

Go Kelly! Rock Vos Liberabit!

Kelly the ROCK n' ROLL IDOL