Hot Tubs Strike Back And 2010 UK Tour!

Green Day UK 2009

The guys from Green Day had a wild rock n rollin' Halloween night performing a secret show in London this past weekend as their alter-ego's, the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Back in the summer of 2008, we told you about rumors spreading around the internet, that the band would be rocking out in the United Kingdom. You asked for it to be true, and now... well, ask and you shall receive.

Not only did Green Day do their "21st Century Breakdown" set in Birmingham earlier that evening, but these rockers also hit the stage at the Relentless Garage a bit before 1am and gave invited guests, contest winners and fanclub members an unforgettable night.

Billie Joe Armstrong came out on stage first and introduced himself as The Reverend Strychnine Twist, he spent most of the evening goofing off with the audience while crowd surfing, spitting and spraying beer all over the place. A short while later, Mike Dirnt walked on smoking a cigarette and Tre Cool also took part in spraying down the crowd with loads of beer.

The garage trio did all the usual songs from last year's release of "Stop, Drop And Roll" and also treated their fans to "Blood, Sex and Booze" from "Warning" and "Supermodel Robots" from their 2003 side-project, The Network. Mike Dirnt continued his silly ways when he added his own sense of humor to the shenanigans. "The only reason you're here is you didn't go to church yesterday".

Taking a short but much needed break, the guys returned on stage for an electrifying encore. The Reverend announced to the pumped up crowd of adoring fans exactly what he had up his sleeve.  "Before anything else, we're going to play the first song over again." By the time the Tubs ended their show, "Stop, Drop And Roll" would've been performed six times, every time attempting to do it better than their previous try.

This wasn't the only song they played more than once, "27th Avenue Shuffle" was repeated twice, the rest of the set was filled with some awesome covers including: "Blitzkreig Bop"  by the Ramones, "Johnny B Goode" by Chuck Berry, "My Generation" and "A Quick One, While He's Away" by The Who.

On the topic of repetitive banter, the Tubbies proceeded to do a line in the song, "you are forgiven", countless times, after that they played "Stop, Drop And Roll" for the last freaking time.

Foxboro Hot Tubs set-list included:

  • "Stop, Drop And Roll"
  • "Mother Mary"
  • "Midnight Train"
  • "Ruby Room"
  • "Blood, Sex And Booze"
  • "Highway 1"
  • "She's A Saint, Not A Celebrity"
  • "Sally"
  • "Alligator"
  • "Supermodel Robots"
  • "The Pedestrian"
  • "27th Avenue Shuffle"
  • "Dark Side Of Night"
  • "Pieces Of Truth"
  • "Stop, Drop And Roll"
  • "Stop, Drop And Roll"
  • "Stop, Drop And Roll"
  • "Stop, Drop And Roll"
  • "27th Avenue Shuffle"
  • "My Generation"
  • "Jonny B Goode"
  • "Blitzkreig Bop"
  • "Red Tide"
  • "A Quick One, While He's Away"
  • "Stop, Drop And Roll"

Other than a one-off gig as their alter-egos, what else do Green Day have planned for England in 2010? Our guys in Green have announced the first outdoor shows since Breakdown's release. They'll be bringing their theatrical live concert back to British shores for two nights on June 16th, June 19th and another date in Paris on June 26th

Tickets for the event go on sale November 6th at 9am and will cost between 49.50 to 42.50 for London and 39.50 for Manchester. You'll be able to get them from the box office numbers listed in the recent article, or online at!

Dates and venues are listed below:

  • Wednesday June 16th 2010 - Manchester Lancasher County Cricket Ground
  • Saturday June 19th 2010 - London Wembley Stadium
  • Saturday June 26th 2010 - Parc des Princes in Paris

There is a lot of excitement emerging from camp Green Day! Let's just hope that when they return to the states they'll rock us out a second time!

Before we let you go, here is a video of the Tubs rocking out London!


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