Hatebreed In Pre-Production For Next Album


Hatebreeed are currently in pre-production for their forthcoming album before embarking on a six-date tour with Lamb of God and Lacuna Coil around South America at the end of March.

Front man Jamey Jasta spoke to Australia's Loud magazine just recently about the new record stating their latest project will be straight up rocking!

"Well, there probably won't be any melody whatsoever. It'll be fast, heavy, I would say very reminiscent of the last record's faster, heavier songs like 'Merciless Tide' and 'Hands Of A Dying Man'."

Jasta did not know a specific day when asked about when the album would be released, he thought perhaps when the group were finally ready to show the world their work. "I don't know. We were talking about that the other day and we were thinking about whether we should put something out in October, or should we try to maybe just wait until next January and tour more on the 'Perseverance' ten-year anniversary tour. Because originally we thought about doing some dates and just doing the whole 'Perseverance' album. But then we scrapped that idea and decided we were going to tour all of Europe and all of the festivals in the summer, and then promoters asked us to come to other places and we're going to do some more touring. So I don't know, I'm not sure yet."