Green Day Rock Band Confirmed For 2010


Green Day recently announced at the 7the annual Video Game Awards that they will be featured in their very own Rock Band game, titled adequately enough... "Green Day: Rock Band". Not only will it feature the band members themselves, but also venues that are very close to the group's history.

"This game will feel like a natural extension of Green Day and music that will deepen the fans’ connection to the band and their history", says CEO and co-founder of Harmonix music, Alex Rigopulos. The game will also span the rocker's career as it will include the entire band's catalogue, from old music to their latest work on "Breakdown". It will sell worldwide sometime in 2010 and available on PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360!

Now, speaking of tours, the guys have gigs lined up all over Asia and Great Britain next year with supporting act, Prima Donna. Irish fans have something to smile about as well since the guys are planning to return to Dublin on June 23rd, 2010 and play at Marlay Park. Be sure to get up extra early because tickets for this one-date show go on sale Friday morning at 9 a.m.

Concert promoters have exclusively revealed to the Herald that this is expected to be the largest show of the new year. The news shortly follows the guys sweeping the Rolling Stone's end of decade Readers' Poll. Way to go guys!

Unfortunately, the gig for yesterday December 15th in Melbourne, Australia had to be re-scheduled due to Billie Joe coming down with what is suspected to be food poisoning. Tickets remained valid for the next evening but if fans weren't able to get to the show, they're immediately urged to get a refund from where they were purchased. We wish Billie Joe a quick recovery!

Before wrapping up, here's Green Day making their Rock Band announcement!


I guess that means I am going to finally buy a Rock Band game... Haven't gotten into them, and I sure as hell did not want the Beatles one.. but a Green Day one? Sign me up and let me pre-order it right now!

Still think SINGSTAR would've been better, but sweet! But Billie Joe feeling better is what I'm most worried bout.