Evanescence Preview New Tracks


It's been 5 years since Evanescence released their album "The Open Door", now the group are getting ready to launch their follow up album on October 4th and have been previewing new tracks.

Already Amy Lee has released a sneak peek for "What You Want" and has released another teaser for the track "The Other Side"; a track Lee says was much more collaborative this time around.

"I wrote it with the guys. It was a real collaborative effort. That was a hard one for me to write the lyrics for, because I had the chorus, which is very epic and dramatic; but the verses have that element of fun, so I'm like: 'How do I sing about death in a way that's sort of bitchy?'"

Additionally, Evanescene has also released a snippet of "Lost In Paradise" via MTV. Lee says it is definitely a more emotional song for the whole group, "That's the one that made us cry ... like, literally, just in here, working on it, there have been tears. I love that song. When I was writing it, it wasn't anything; it was just pure, it was just for me. I was literally just writing it for me, to soothe my own feelings by expressing them. And I just thought, 'Piano, vocals, I can record it by myself at my house, and that'll be the track. ... It'll be a B-side somewhere or something.'

There is still no word about Evanescence's tour schedule once the album drops.

UPDATE: Evanescence will be releasing their album October 11th instead of on the 4th. More info at available on thier official website!