Evanescence Delay Their Album Release


Originally slated to debut this fall, Evanescence's third studio album will now be pushed back to an unknown release date according to The Pulse of Radio. Amy Lee has taken to the net to address the matter personally to all her fans.

"We've taken some time out of the studio to get our heads into the right creative space, work on the songs and even write some more music. We'll be back in the studio recording the album soon enough. I think that it can only be stronger for this extra time we're putting into it."

So what's really going on with the new album? Lee has bee hinting that Wind-Up Records, the band's label, has been having some problems of its own. "My record label has been going through some very uncertain times, as are many record labels, and that's made things a little unclear....we really want to make sure the whole machine is working together when it's time to put out the album."

Last spring, Amy discussed that this new release would be totally different from their usual sound and will "incorporate influences from dance-rock and electronic acts like Depeche Mode, MGMT and Portishead."

We can't wait to hear the new music and hope nothing but the best for Evanescence!


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