Evanescence And Friends Rock The House Of Blues


Evanescence is a band we've long awaited to see in concert for years now. This sold-out magical night at Orlando's House of Blues in Downtown Disney was filled to the brim with bright lights and awesome music for cheerful fans to sing along to.

Of course, the evening would not have been complete without EV's posse bringing some of their own talented friends along for the ride to serenade the crowd with. We were even fortunate enough to meet both opening acts after the whole show at either of their respective merch tables when their sets finished for pictures and autographs.

Kicking things off was British-American group, Electric Touch (@ElectricTouch) but first, A bit of background about this electrifying group!

After signing to Texas label Justice Records, these guys have not only rocked it out on this tour, but have also done other festivals such as Coachella, SXSW, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits.

Filled with Punk Rock Overtones worthy of bands the like of The Ramones and The Clash, Electric Touch's set seemed oddly familiar, even to those of us who had never heard them before. This was thanks to the group playing a fantastic Ramones cover of "Blitzkrieg Bop" getting the whole venue pumping and singing along before breaking into their own signature material.

Next up is our Twitter following friends Rival Sons (@RivalSons) who hail from the land of Los Angeles, California. The soaring vocals of lead vocalist Jay Buchanan brought us back to the classic rock days of the 60's and 70's with amazing vocals to rival legends such as Jim Morrison, and Steven Tyler. Even Scott Holiday's amazing guitar shredding completely won us over.

Forming in 2008 these guys have released a self-titled EP, two full-length albums- "Before the Fire", "Pressure & Time", and opened for a major rock legend Alice Cooper.

It would be pretty obvious to everyone that these bands are definitely going places and will play a major part in the future of rock!

Saving the best for last but certainly not least, main headliner Evanescence launched their set with the current single, "What You Want", sending the crowd into a fist pumping frenzy that could literally be felt all around the venue.

The quintet delve into playing a little bit of everything in their repertoire including "Fallen" and "The Open Door". One of the major highlights of the evening happened during the song "Your Star" when a shiny disco ball playfully illuminated the HOB alongside a plethora of strobe lights made that special moment seem like a dream to diehard fans.

Evanescence rocked out to a good handful of newer tunes from last October's self-titled release including "Never Go Back" and one of my personal favorite, "Made of Stone".

Afterwards we were lucky to also get two records autographed and a picture from one of the band's guitarist, Terry Balsamo.

The official set-list for Evanescence is listed below:

  • "What You Want"
  • "Going Under"
  • "The Other Side"
  • "Weight of the world"
  • "The Change"
  • "My Last Breath"
  • "Made of Stone"
  • "Lost in Paradise"
  • "Lithium"
  • "Erase This"
  • "Sick"
  • "Call Me When You're Sober"
  • "Imaginary"
  • "Bring Me To Life"
  • Encore:
  • "Never Go Back"
  • "Swimming Home"
  • "Your Star"
  • "My Immortal"

From all of us at Nimrod Street we'd like to shout-out a big THANK YOU to all the bands who rocked our socks off, we can't wait to do it again!!

For more information on either Electric Touch or Rival Sons check out their official websites and tell them we sent you!!