The Rant To End All Rants: This Is 100% Click Bait!


Hello Nimrod faggots!

Welcome back to this industrial sized dumpster called Nimrod Street dot fucking com!

I know I've slacked off on weekly rants, but the truth is I haven't felt like ranting as of lately. I mean, I could probably write a whole article about how I paid $108 to see my favorite band in concert, or how it pissed me off 3 Doors Down performed at the inauguration concert for the ultimate pussy grabbing Antichrist in office right now.

Nothing like that.

This article isn't really even a rant, but more about how I won't be doing rants for a while or even at all. I have a few projects I am working on, so I'll need all that time to myself, therefore, I need a break. 

I can't believe we've been doing Nimrod Street for 10 years this October. It's been filled with so many ups and downs but in the end it's been quite the experience. It has allowed me to think about music and writing in a whole new way.

You may be asking what kind of projects I am working on, and the answer is quite a few.  I won't spill the beans any time soon because I don't want to give it away nor do I want to jinx myself. I just feel it's time to do something different from what I do on here, however, that's not to say I won't be posting regularly, of course I will.

All I'm trying to say is I need a break from doing these rants so I can completely dedicate myself to other important stuff.

Feel free to leave me a comment either below, Twitter (@NimrodStreet) or Instagram (@Nimrod_Street) about what your projects or goals are for 2017!