MOLICE Rock The Casbah J-Rock Style!


Update: As promised here is our interview with Molice! Don't forget to check out our review of the band's latest album "Resonance Love”!

NS: At what point did you realize this was going to be less of a hobby and more of a professional career?

Molice: When I was young, I used to read biographies and autobiographies of musicians from an early age, empathizing their lives, and I believed myself living in the world of music.  I decided to be a musician by the time I was 7 years old. I never thought music was my hobby, I needed it that much in my life. I started writing music when I was 19, that's when I consciously started my professional career as a musician.

NS: In an effort to unleash your creativity to its full potential how do you find it easiest to overcome writer's block?

Molice: Music relieves me surprisingly. To make the creation process smoothly, I do not resist to the force, and approach the space as close as possible. When I feel I'm stuck, and it might not be the right timing.  However, I think it's important to keep writing songs, even if it's not in the right timing.  Many times timing does come across during the process.

NS: Is there a limit to how personal your lyrics can be before they make it onto the final product?

Molice: I have never felt any limitations, and if I do, it would be the choice of words. I try to choose the words that reflect my image. (I do not worry whether or not the words I chose were taken by audience just like my image. They can take my words however they like.)

NS: How tough do you find it to bare your soul when writing?

Molice: I've never touched by  music that does not bare the soul of the composer, please consider that's genre of music I create. If I have a hard time to bare my soul in music, I probably wouldn't have chosen to become the musician. I think when I'm writing music, things are going most smoothly in my life.

NS: What is it about your band that you think attracts fans?

Molice: I think it's because MOLICE plays instinctive music. Excitement is our theme.  We are aiming to create music that excite your heart. Even though our lyrics are in Japanese, beyond the language barrier, MOLICE is has audience from all over the world. I'm Japanese, but my heart dances to the music from foreign countries as well. I believe in such power of music.

NS: I love the last song on the album "Rivers", it has a killer guitar riff. What processes do you go through when attempting to nail the instrumentation for the songs before starting on lyrics?

Molice: Thank you. I am very happy that you liked it. I start the process by composing, then  have everyone in the studio, sharing the ideas. Because there is a core with a song, I try to be careful not to miss it. (Of course I miss it on purpose when I feel it's necessary.)  We arrange the song, by playing as a whole band. It should be noted that even while working that arrangement, unseen force is there. The force leads us to the definite direction from unlimited possibilities with arrangements. It is a cool time. Rotation of the brain have become agile, it makes us feel great as well. When it comes to "RiverS", the guitar player Yuzuru Takeda expressed accurately view of the world this song has. It is also the appeal of his guitar. It is one of the songs I want to many people to listen.

NS: Did you have any other occupations in sight in case you changed your mind about doing music?

Molice: My attitude about doing music has never changed. As I mentioned before, I started living with music, and I can't imagine life without it. However, I was tired of the circumstances that surround me, and I tried to step out to another world. The very same day, I realized needed to be living in music.

NS: What is the main idea behind MOLICE and what does the band mean to you?

Molice: MOLICE is a Japanese group that try to connect with people from all over the world.  Our music has shuffle beat that appeals to instinct and rush.  MOLICE is a place of challenge for us.

NS: Out of every song you've ever recorded which is your absolute favorite and the worse?

Molice: My favorite song is "Ms.PANIC", that is the very first song we ever wrote. We do not record the song that we didn't like, and these songs are piled up and  sleeping in Rinko's warehouse.

NS: After recording, touring and press is all over how do you come down from that exhilarating energy to go back to living a normal life?

Molice: In my case, it is to sleep. It will be reset by sleeping.

NS: What do you say to aspiring artists who are on the verge of giving up?

Molice: "Are you giving up?  That's fantastic, because everything is ahead of you. (Note: From "Romancer" lyrics, edited.)

NS: What other Japanese acts would you love to tour with?

Molice: Electric Eel Shock

NS: Name the top five artists who have inspired your music.

Molice: The POLICE, PIXIES, The Doors, Beastie Boys, Elvis Presley

NS: In your opinion what is the secret of bands who have successful careers yet still stay together for so long at the same time?

Molice: As a premise, it is crucial that the band members can't live without music. We found out that there is a connection that I can't be described in words. In music, we do respect each other.  Also, we all have moderately different characters.

NS: If you are what you listen to how would you describe yourselves?

Molice: (I'm not sure if I got the question correctly, but here's my answer..) Aggressive artists

NS: What has been the hardest part about being a musician so far or what would make it better for you?

Molice: The most difficult thing is practice. I practice to be able to express, but it is still not easy to control myself. Practice makes it better for me. Practice has been a help for myself.