MOLICE Return With “Resonance Love”


Update: Check out our recent interview with Molice!

Today I introduce to you lovely Nimrods a female-fronted band named MOLICE, who despite downsizing from what was once a four-piece ensemble to now a tightly knit trio, aren’t letting the change in lineup slow them down one bit. In fact, they’re back rocking harder than before with a brand new album “Resonance Love” released April 29th, 2014.

If you are wondering what MOLICE means it’s a mashup of classic artists who they cite as their biggest influences, however, references to the Pixies and the Pretenders have also been mentioned by other writers in the media. “Their name also has a variety of inspirations including- the Police, and the 'mo' of Jim Morrison, Mo Tucker, and Morissey.“

Although sung predominantly in Japanese you won’t miss English as you can feel the record’s intensity in the depth of your soul. Fit for any taste this collection of new songs has a little bit of everything: 70’s punk rock, 80’s new wave and power pop, and 90’s style guitar rock. Already barriers are shattered leaving behind something beautiful further solidifying that music is in fact a universal language.

Formed in 2007 by (lead vocalist and guitarist) Rinko, Takeda, (high tension guitar) Yuzuru Takeda and (drummer) Takeshi Koyama in Tokyo, Japan the group rolled around  the concert circuit  at local venues before catching a big break. During November 2008 an opportunity came knocking at their door to record the debut “Doctor Ray” and luck struck when MOLICE were given a chance to rock the UK in 2009. Now after a few albums the band is signed to Good Charamel Records ready to invade your ears one track at a time

From the get-go opening track “Thinkers”  will immediately get stuck in your  head faster than you can say AWESOME! Why is this, you may be asking  yourself? Perhaps it has something to do with fierce instrumentation just before it floods into a super catchy chorus filled with insane rhythmic guitar work and  vocals are handled amazingly. Saying this is one of my favorites on the album is an understatement considering there are so many great songs packed into one record making it hard to choose!

Songs like “Rainbow”, “Rope” and “Dance, Dance”  has me believing that MOLICE is the modern day Blondie bringing back that rocking badass 70's vibe. I just love when artists have that nostalgic quality in their music, and I’m not just saying that because I am partial to female singers, but it also amps up the album to a whole new level!

Another song that I can claim as my most favorite is “RiverS”.  By listening to it I get a sense of sadness fiddling with light and dark. I also really love the melodies connecting so well to every note in Rinko’s voice and having everything just synchronized to complete perfection. Since hearing it the very first time I haven’t finished  playing this song a million times and that boys and girls is key to writing a great timeless song - Stop! listen and learn!

Be sure to check MOLICE out on Facebook, Twitter (@Molice_News) and  their official website!

Below is the video to "Thinkers". Enjoy!