Molice To Release Their 5th Album This Summer


Hello Nimrods! Glad you’re back with us because we’ve got yet another album review for you today and this time it’s from Japanese new wave/punk rock band Molice. You all probably recognize them from two years ago when we cover the release of “Resonance Love” released via Good Charamel Records. Now they return with album number “5”, produced by bassist Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls and recorded at GCR Audio in Buffalo, New York and played at his Music Is Art festival. Without further ado, let’s get cracking on this new music.

Formed in 2007 by (lead vocalist and guitarist) Rinko, Takeda, (high tension guitar) Yuzuru Takeda and (drummer) Takeshi Koyama in Tokyo, Japan the group rolled around  the concert circuit  at local venues before catching a big break. During November 2008 an opportunity came knocking at their door to record the debut “Doctor Ray” and luck struck when MOLICE were given a chance to rock the UK in 2009. Now after a few albums the band is signed and ready to invade households one track at a time.  However, before the band began recording "5" their drummer left the band and has since been replaced by Paro. As you know line-up changes don't affect the group's natural ability to rock your face off!

By combining 70’s punk rock, 80’s new wave and power pop, and 90’s style guitar rock Molice know how to appeal to everyone’s taste whether that happens to be more rock or more new wave, there’s something in their music for everyone. This is especially true with the title track “5” where one can hear a fun and quirky psychedelic vibe - specifically coming from the lead guitar. Also, Rinko’s voice gives the tune a light and bouncy feel. It’s a great way to let everyone know that Molice is back and here to stay.

Next up is the song “HA-LO”, which has a darker tone in the beginning, and unfolds throughout the track and is something I really love about it. Paro bangs a sick beat beating the living hell out of the drums, the guitar riffs are on point as well. I have to say this is one of my most favorite tracks on “5” and hopefully when you hear it you’ll love it too!

As for the US limited track “Bring On The Night” where Rinko is fully singing lyrics in English and sounds like a heavy rock track you’d expect to hear from New Order or other big names in the new wave genre. This will have to be my second favorite track from the new album, but it’s hard to pick just one since they progress as the record plays on.

Molice will play a few gigs at their CD release party June 17th in Chiba and July 3rd in their home city of Tokyo.

Check out Molice on Facebook and their official website.