Krist Novoselic To Appear On New Modest Mouse Record

Krist Novoselic

Good news for fans of both Nirvana and Modest Mouse!

Former bassist for Nirvana Krist Novoselic will guest star on the new Modest Mouse record, although the release date and album title are still unknown. The Mice haven't released a full-length studio album since 2007's "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank", except for the EP "No One's First and You're Next" in 2009. However, they did perform a new song earlier this year at Coachella called "Be Brave".

The Modest Mouse fan site Interstate-8 says Novoselic spoke to Spotify Landmark about his contribution to the new music, calling it "pretty edgy," and adds, “I’ve got my big Gibson bass and a Rat distortion pedal busting out … the bass riff.”

Krist's last collaboration was on the Foo Fighter's last album "Wasting Light" for the song "I Should Have Known" where he recorded both bass and accordion.