Joan Jett To Release New Album This October

Joan Jett

On October 1st Joan Jett will release her new solo album in seven years named "Unvarnished" and will feature guest appearances from Dave Grohl, Laura Jane Grace from Against Me!

According to Rolling Stone this will be the singer's most autobiographical work to date, including songs about Hurricane Sandy and the death of her parents.

Jett spoke to Modesto Bee just recently about her new music and how the songs are different from her earlier work. "I'm in a different part of my life. The song's aren't all sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. There comes a time when you have to go through stuff. For me - this isn't very uplifting – but I call it the decade of death, losing people, companion animals very close to me, my parents, really heavy things."

"Any Weather" is the official first single and will debut it on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 8th. She commented in a statement about working on the record, "It's a real band album. Everybody was involved."