Jamiroquai Return With Comeback Album


I've been playing around with some numerology via my mobile phone lately whether I'm at work or at home, and it seems like 7 is the lucky number! Not only is it my specific life path digit, but it's also how long Jamiroquai haven't released an album - UNTIL NOW!

That's right, folks! The boys of funk have packed some canned heat in their heels ready to deliver this much awaited album on March 31st, 2017. The power of sevens!

Following the 2012 20th anniversary remakes the new record is titled "Automation" and will be their first in quite some time but that's not all!

Along with new music and a cool video teaser, Jamiroquai are also confirmed to headline a few festivals this summer around Europe.

Dates for this festival are listed below.

  • Thu May 25 2017 – Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sun May 28 2017 – Seoul Jazz Festival, Seoul, South Korea
  • Sat June 17 2017 – Release Athens Festival, Athens, Greece
  • Sun June 9 2017 – North Sea Jazz, Rotherdam, Netherlands
  • Tue July 11 2017 – Firenze Summer Festival, Visarno Arena, Florence, Italy
  • Fri July 14 2017 – Pori Jazz, Pori, Finland
  • Sun July 16 2017 – Musilac, Aix-Les-Bains, France
  • Tue July 18 2017 – Moon & Stars, Locarno, Switzerland
  • Sat July 22 2017 – Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Sat July 5 2017  – Sudoeste, Portugal

I did say 'video teaser', am I right? Check out the cool vid for "#Automation Transmission 001". It's super and total 'Virtual Insanity"!