Goo Goo Dolls Put On Extraordinary Rock Show At Universal Orlando

Goo Goo Dolls

To celebrate their 25th anniversary Universal Studios hosted a concert series by inviting 6 artists to perform at their park on different days. Among these were the Goo Goo Dolls from my homestate of New York and a band I hold dear to my heart. Some would say it was the perfect way to kick off the beginning of summer, but I personally count it as a reason commemorating my 20 plus years of being a hardcore fan. It was a very special event for me and I couldn’t have been happier than I was that night.

Upon discovering the Dolls in 1995 via the radio with their first hit song “Name” from the 1995 album “A Boy Named Goo”, they were the first rock band I ever cared about at 10 years old and the first rock show I ever attended at age 17. I always enjoyed their profound lyrics with deep meaning paired with rocking melodies to make you tap your toes. You might think it’s strange for a little kid to have such mature taste, but I was always somewhat mature at heart. The Goos were definitely what jump started my interest in rock music from very early on, therefore, continuing to last a lifetime.

I quite enjoyed the set-list made up of not only their new songs from current album “Magnetic”, but also way back to 1993’s “Superstar Car Wash”. Goo Goo Dolls began their set with the rhythmic number, “Dizzy”, off the album “Dizzy Up The Girl”; that record happens to be my most favorite of band’s entire discography. Lead vocalist John Rzeznik came onstage with a glowing smile ready to rock the house down as well as embrace his Goo fans like they were his own family. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed about these guys: all the love and dedication to the fans can be felt in every corner of the room no matter how big or small the venue might be.

Other songs performed were “Sympathy”, “Smash” and “Here Is Gone” from 2002’s “Gutterflower” as well as “Better Days” off of 2006’s “Let Love In”. A few highlights I recall were the debut of “Caught In The Storm”, a song they hadn’t yet performed live and one of my new favorite songs. Additionally, Rzeznik announced the Goos were working on a new album but didn’t say much else about it before continuing on. This already made the evening about a hundred times better knowing there’s still a whole lot more to come and look forward to in the future.

Just before the show was over the Dolls then came back out for an encore to sing “American Girl” from compilation album “Vol.2” originally sung by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and with that the concert was sadly all over. In my head I am already planning on seeing the Goo Goo Dolls again when they stop by Orlando, but that’s still a long ways away….a girl can dream, right?

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The set-list is marked below:

  • Dizzy
  • Big Machine
  • Slide
  • Rebel Beat
  • When The World Breaks Your Heart
  • Smash
  • January Friend
  • Come To Me
  • Black Balloon
  • Stay With You
  • Here Is Gone
  • Caught In The Storm
  • Name
  • Already There
  • Bringing On The Light
  • Slow It Down
  • Sympathy
  • Let Love In
  • Better Days
  • Iris
  • Broadway


  • American Girl

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