Evanescence Announce Ozzfest Dates For Japan


Evanescence recently confirmed they will rock out Ozzfest in Japan on a two-day stint November 21st and 22nd in Makuhari Messe Arena, which is right outside of Tokyo.

Last year, lead vocalist Amy Lee told Rolling Stone that Evanescence would take some time out to focus on other things than just music. Some fans speculated that the band may or may not be on the verge of breaking up, but Lee posted a message on her Facebook putting nasty rumors aside. 

"EVANESCENCE is a part of me — it just isn't a complete picture of everything I'm capable of." The goth-rock starlet also had this to say when she spoke to Sixx Sense co-host Jenn Marino: "It's funny. I just went through a long period of time between 'The Open Door' and the last record where I didn't know what I was gonna do next and there was just all this music flowing out. And there's just a big pile of really cool stuff that I still wanna do something with that isn't exactly EVANESCENCE. So there's definitely more things to come out in the future."

Featuring more than 22 bands and artists Ozzfest will be co-headlined by the legendary Ozzy Osbourne performing as Ozzy and Friends as well as Korn.

Check out the video below: