Don't Be Caught Dead Without Singing The 'Ragdoll Blues'!

Dead When I Found Her

When I listen to Dead When I Found Her I am instantly transported to an atmospheric gothic nightclub where I discover the mystery behind the darkness, and at the same time I lose myself in the haunting melodies.

Sprouting from the brilliant mind of Michael Arthur Holloway this electro-industrial project started over five years ago in Portland, Oregon as a "deliberate attempt to resurrect the late 80's/early 90's." Having been born and raised in that era I definitely get what they were trying to convey with their sound, it takes me back to that decade when music was actually decent to listen to. As my co-founder would say, "a decade where you could listen to the radio and not be embarrassed at what came up."  Taking this concept they intertwined it with modern production techniques as well as infusing Holloway's own musical influences ranging from Skinny Puppy, Doubting Thomas, Mentallo & The Fixer as well as many others.

In 2010 "Harm's Way" their debut was released on Artoffact Records and almost immediately DWIFH's plans came full circle being successfully accepted by press and audiences alike as "a masterful, modern spin on a classic style of industrial music." This distinct blend of sound has been acclaimed for not only a complex and layered approach to songwriting but also for texture and atmosphere presented within the songs, thus creating danceable verse and chorus structures.

October of last year brought forth the very much anticipated sophomore record "Ragdoll Blues" pairing up an already established signature style with piano, string and horn instrumental sections along with spoken horror movie samples creating a delightfully creepy environment. Dead When I Found Her have been known for leaking numerous, freely available industrialized cover songs between album releases, such as: Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" and Prince's "Controversy".

Combichrist, Jackalope, Das Ich, Ayria, 16volt and Aesthetic Perfection are just some of the names who have shared the stage alongside Dead When I Found Her. The band are already on their way to musical greatness doubling as skilled DJ's remixing tunes for Psyche, AAIMON, and many others.

Be sure to check these guys out on Facebook, Twitter (@DWIFH_MUSIC) and of course, on their official website.