Dead When I Found Her Take You All The Way Down The Rabbit Hole

Dead When I Found Her

You may already be familiar with Dead When I Found Her since we first wrote about them in 2013 and now two years later we find ourselves reviewing “All The Way Down”; the follow up to Ragdoll Blues”. This record represents a huge departure from their previous two efforts in that there’s less pop sensibilities and more maturity flowing through each track. Dead When I Found Her takes you All The Way Down the rabbit hole, and you better hold on tight.

Dead When I Found Her is not a band, it’s a solo project concocted by mastermind Michael Arthur Holloway, who is a native from Portland, Oregon and incredibly inspired by electro-industrial artists from the 80’s and 90’s: Skinny Puppy, Doubting Thomas, Mentallo & The Fixer as well as many others.

Every time I listen to DWIFH I always feel the environment change around me into a dark, atmospheric goth club that is not only exciting but also elegantly beautiful. “All The Way Down” still keeps that theme in tact while exploring brand new territory. Let’s take the opening track “Expiring Time” as an example: When I think  of something that is beautifully haunting this works as the perfect overlay for that particular thought. Holloway’s breathy vocals accentuate the lovely piano riffs alongside synths and creepy background voice clips weaving in and out. It’s a nice, fast-pace way to open an album of this caliber.

Once this is out of the way there’s the thrashy industrial number “The Unclean”, which gets interrupted every few seconds by clips that are probably straight out of vintage horror films. Holloway doesn’t sing here as he is just letting the music speak for itself, and good thing, because it breaks up the pattern of slower melodic songs. He understands the importance of variety quite well and that’s why I think this track works super well.

What I really enjoy about “All The Way Down” other than its maturity as I aforementioned is its blend of seductive and sensual style incorporated into a monster ballad. This can be heard in the final closing track “At Rest”, especially in the beginning two minutes before it builds into a climatic rocktastic tune complete with electric guitar, horns, synths….it ALL comes together for a final thrilling bombastic finish.

If that weren’t enough Dead When I Found Her also have a second handy bonus disc called “The Bottom” where they cover Ministry’s “You Know What You Are”, which only comes with the limited edition 2CD package you can now get at It also includes rare cuts as well as outtakes in a lovely digipak. “The album also comes as a 1CD jewel case edition. Both editions come with a booklet.”

“All The Way Down” came out November 13th, 2015 via Artoffact Records.

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