Dating An Alien Popstar Is A Rockin' Good Time

Kendra L. Saunders

*Update: Hey Nimrods! As promised here is the review I told you all about earlier. Hopefully you've already checked out our interview with Kendra L. Saunders and are now ready to read this review. Enjoy!*

Hello Nimrods! Got another book review for you and it’s called "Dating An Alien Popstar" written by Kendra L. Saunders. I met Kendra on social media discussing a few bands we really liked, and turns out she’s also a writer. The minute she announced this particular novel I knew I had to jump into the loop to cover it in a review. If you like sci-fi with witty dialogue and a musical slant, then search no more because Dating An Alien Popstar may be just the book for you.

Daisy Kirkwood just escaped her rather bland life to start over in New York City when she gets kidnapped by two aliens posing as hot British popstars - Devon and Griffin. The extraterrestrial duo are on a mission to gain support from a powerful secret society called the Origin Collective and perhaps save the world while in the process. 

“Part High Fidelity, part Bridget Jones’ Diary, part Doctor Who, Dating An Alien Popstar a sexy romantic comedy.”

Taking cues from such writers as Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, and Douglas Adams Saunders demonstrates that she understands her characters’ wants and needs inside and out, especially given the background of Devon and Griffin and why they’re on said quest. I enjoyed their sense of humor and I can see Saunders doesn’t take herself too seriously when it comes to laying on the comedy nice and thick.

When Kendra announced what the book would be about I knew the theme of music and rockstars would fit in perfectly with our theme here on Nimrod Street. In fact, would you believe DAAPS was actually inspired by her favorite English band Muse?

“I was inspired by their insane, colorful, bonkers Panic Station music video. I just kept thinking, what if aliens crashed to Earth and pretended to be pop stars? What if they loved high fashion? This idea came to me on Christmas a few years ago, and not long after, I started writing it for fun. It was the easiest book I've ever written. I got to mention the book and it's Panic Station inspiration to Matt Bellamy last summer in New York, and he had a good laugh at the title. So cool!”

Personally, I feel like I could relate to that particular bit in the novel: who hasn’t felt like they were kidnapped by their favorite band at one point or another to embark on an insane journey for it all be worth it in the end? I know I’ve felt that same way many times in my life looking up to my favorite artists - it’s why I find myself here on this website typing out a book review.

With the recent passing of David Bowie Kendra says she also felt inspired by his life as an artist, so she decided to use him as a running theme in the book. As an added bonus, the sequel “Engaged To An Alien Popstar” is said to focus a bit on him this time around. It’ll be out sometime soon.

“I was just gutted when I saw the news. As a thank you to him for his inspiration, the sequel will be dedicated to him, and there will be mention of his passing later in the series. It still doesn't feel real.”

The book will be available June 7th, 2016 via Crimson Tree Publishing on paperback.

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