Calling Utopia Return With Super Hero Powers On New Track

Calling Utopia

Calling Utopia are returning better than ever with a brand new track, "The Hero vs The Villain", scheduled to be released on November 1st. According to guitarist and vocalist Sarah Renehan the sinister sounding tune is in support of her Hydro Girl campaign, which is the main character in her humorous comic book “The Adventures Of Hydro Girl” and her battle to destroy Hydrocephalus for good! We were lucky enough to hear a sneak peak of their upcoming track.

Bassist Tom Schumacher and crooning sisters Sarah and Jessica Renehan, who rock electric guitars, make up this pop-punk band from Millicent, Australia. You may remember reading about Calling Utopia when we reviewed their debut album “XIII”, as well as when we unveiled their music video for “Runaway”.

Their latest single begins with a shredding guitar riff leading into full on rhythmic guitars playing along to a kicking drum beat. After the initial rocking introduction Sarah Renehan’s beautiful, yet gritty, vocals swoop in to tell her story through a bitting tone that not only gets the point of her lyrics across in a very direct fashion, but also shares the message of hope!

The chorus comes in crushing hard when instruments and vocals blend together harmoniously. I personally love when Renehan is accompanied by Schumacher’s alluring bass playing in the second verse. At one point dual guitar solos take over leaving the listener feeling impressed at the awesome talent the band possess!

In my opinion I get the feeling of opposites pushed into an insane situation although never doubting that good will always triumph over evil. Anyone can relate to it as we are all facing our own hard battles.

We’re absolutely psyched to have the Aussie trio back doing what they do best, rocking our socks off!

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