Army Of The Universe Makes A 'Hipster Sacrifice'

Army Of The Universe

Update: Don't forget to check our interview with Lord K and Trebla!

Being a big fan of dance music myself I was happy to have come across this awesome Italian Industrial group some days ago when I got a chance to listen to a preview of Army Of The Universe's new album “The Hipster Sacrifice”. What I heard really impressed me and I just had to share with all of you this rare gem who are without a doubt a breath of fresh air amidst a seemingly stagnant music scene with their upbeat, futuristic approach.

With sufficient experience in the music industry the two founders, Trebla an Electronic Dance producer and Lord K the former vocalist for Kult of the Skull God, decided to form Army Of The Universe in 2008. Guitarist Dave Tavecchia joined forces with the guys and met up with Chris Vrenna a year later. Vrenna not only joined the band thus making them a four-piece, but also worked his magic co-producing their debut album Mother Ignorance” via Metropolis Records that would eventually allow the band to tour around US, Canada, and Europe performing more than 50 shows in 2011.

"Mother Ignorance" became such a hit among the underground industrial and rave scenes it eventually led to recording a special track called “Take Control” for an Adidas Viral ad campaign in 2012, and would ultimately enable them to sign their EP “Kill The F* DJ” to Dim Mak Records. Now Trebla and Lord K have their sights set on touring this year taking the Army Of The Universe DJ set globally mixing dark sounds and vocal performances.

Army Of The Universe are set to release this eclectic sophomore album on May 14th offering much variety with everything ranging from hard rocking tunes, club thumpers and even adding wisps of haunting darkness in between.

Starting things off with the opening title track plenty of crazy record scratching is intertwined with beating drums as a multitude of techno sounds is observed. It is followed by Lord K whispering into the mic just before he begins his smooth singing. This outrageous song also injects a sense of humor into the lyrics as they discuss everything there is to dislike about hipsters, and what they plan to do them if they do not get out of the way. A bridge is made up of harmonious piano before it picks up the pace once more before continuing out into the rest of the album.

A big added bonus for me was the collaboration they did with Chibi from The Birthday Massacre on the song "Until The End" who if you’ve read through our site is one of my most favorite bands. The song focuses on haunting vocals as Chibi's beautiful voice assists on back-up. The result is a darker industrial sound which fits with its deep lyrical theme of a hopeful message about pain and survival. The corresponding video directed by David Benedtti, Michele Borondellini and Ario Lockey gives prominence to the recurring symbolism of animals coexisting with humans.

My most favorite song is “Break The Walls” which deserves to be blasted in nightclubs probably after midnight as an array of bright laser and strobe lights illuminate the dance floor. Bizarre synthesizers provides a hypnotic backdrop to distorted vocals and powerful drums making this a colossal track one could get lost in.

Tracks like “Chillin’”, “In Another Place” and “Weight Of The World” deal with pounding drums, booming bass and experiment with thrashing electric guitars. A bit of variety is thrown into the mix echoing metal and industrial music as the two genres combine into fabulous tracks that shake up traditional rock music while having a bit of fun.

The sleek and modern track “Mine” closes the album in a perfectly sealed package resonating a vibrant futuristic sound as a groovy keyboard accompanies vocals with faint whispering cutting through every now and then marking this song as popping and upbeat. However, my only gripe with this song is that it ends so soon since it is also one of my favorites.

Army Of The Universe is among my top favorite bands as I cannot seem to stop listening to their yet unreleased new album, and I am definitely looking forward to anything they release in the  future. I would definitely recommend this record to anyone looking for music with a refreshing party vibe.

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