3TEETH Don't Need Your "Consent" To Be Awesome!


Carving their way in the foreground of the industrial scene 3TEETH are set to conquer the world by way of echoing early KMFDM and other legendary artists in its respected genre. The band cite Front Line Assembly, Tool and Ministry as major influences incorporating old-school EBM beats to create something that is altogether dark, gritty and seductive in its atmospheric approach.

The four-piece from Los Angeles have already won over fans with songs like “Nihil”, “Master of Decay” and “Pearls 2 Swine”. Now these guys are set to release their self-titled debut album via Artoffact Records that comes complete with a few limited time goodies. “The vinyl comes in two editions: standard black, and a limited white with black splatter that comes with a 13-track remix collection tooth-shaped USB with 3TEETH logo.”

A spectacular single called “Consent” spearheads the new album’s release, which was unveiled on April 4th, 2014. The song provides punchy beats as well as a rhythmic tempo that still reminisces previous hits while maintaining a fresh sound. I think hardcore fans are going to find this song a real gem! Collectively, screeching vocals alongside spoken voice clips really add a glamorous badass factor that made me want to play it multiple times because I really enjoyed it, though my only gripe is how short the song was.

If this is supposed to be any indication of how the new record will sound I am already blown away of how this could only be a debut. 3TEETH are well beyond their years in terms of aesthetics and instrumentation…..I am even going as far as saying they will be respected in the industry, and maybe, be an inspiration to other artists in their own right.

Be sure to pick up a copy of this teaser single available now online at StormingTheBase.com. Check these guys out on Facebook, Twitter (@ThreeTeeth) and on SoundCloud.

Listen to the track in the video below: