Aqua Returns!


Good evening my rockin' Nimrods! How are you doing today? Hope you're all great!

So along with bands reunions such as Blink 182, No Doubt, Sugar Ray, and The Wallflowers, guess who else decided to stop by and join the party?

None other than zany dance pop group, Aqua, who are going 'Back to the 80s' with their new single! You may know them from their first hit, "Barbie Girl".

The band just released their new video which features lasers, explosions, leopard print clothing and of course huge, teased out hair. We think it's pretty cool! Check out the article Entertainment Weekly did on this Danish quartet!

Aqua's official Myspace also has some upcoming shows lined up for their European tour:

  • July 19th VG Show, Oslo, Norway at 6pm
  • July 20th Rock i Holstebro at 4:30pm
  • July 27th Brondby Rocker at 2:30pm
  • June 3rd Nibe Festival at 12:30am
  • July 10th Vig Festival at 11pm
  • July 11th Lekken Koncert at 5:15pm
  • Aug 7th Tivoli Kobenhavn at 10pm
  • Aug 9th Skanderborg Festival at 2:15pm
  • Aug 29th Koge Festuge at 8pm

Also, they plan on releasing a greatest hits record on June 15th, 2009, three new tracks will be included. Check out their albums "Aquarium" and "Aquarius"!

Here's the video, enjoy it everyone!