Amy Lee Talks New Album


Evanescence are back recording their much anticipated third studio follow up to 2006's "The Open Door". The record is a bit unexpected, "it's not 'angsty' or 'ominous' " but it IS HEAVY!

"The record is fun-- and that's a totally new thing for us. When I listen to our old music I see that's where I was in my life at that time. This has been a long trip and parts have been hard. But it's about not taking everything so seriously this time."

Last summer we told you about Evanescence delaying their album due to issues with their label. Lee states that the future of the band was quickly becoming uncertain, she "didn't know what was going to happen, if we were going to be making a record again."

The album was also to be produced by Steve Lillywhite "to record a collection of experimental, electro-leaning songs that Lee then told Spin were influenced by Massive Attack and Portishead. Then the problems started...  again."

Amy explains why they also replaced Lillywhite with rock producer Nick Rasculinecz.

"It wasn't coming together right. Steve wasn't the right fit. We were on this experimental trip, trying a bunch of new things, seeing what would fit. I did a lot of the writing without the band. And then when we tried to pull the two worlds together, it wasn't working."

"Writing with the band and working with a heavy rock producer has made it more of a rock record. "It's Evanescence, but with all these new sounds."

A handful of songs were written on harp including the ballads "Secret Door" and "My Heart is Broken". The track "Oceans", "starts with a big, low synth and a vocal, then the band kicks in. It's big and lush. We've been having a lot of fun playing that one especially."

There happens to be a lot of variety in the music's lyrical subjects, what inspires Amy to write this time?

"I get inspired by nature. The ocean's been a theme. Brokenness has become a little bit of theme, without necessarily offering a solution."

The still untitled album is due out sometime this fall.