Amy Lee Discusses New Album Ideas


The world of Evanescence has been quite busy lately since singer Amy Lee issued an update regarding their new material. The front-woman answered fan questions on the band's official website earlier this month. "I've been sitting here reading through so many of these questions and comments...trying to find one I haven't answered and want to...I guess I just want to say thanks for making me feel good. Ha. It's been really nice to know so many of you miss the music and want to know when you'll hear it again".

Lee also let a few secrets out about the group's new and fresh sound, but was careful not to spill all the beans. "I don't want to give away too much about what it will sound like, because so much will change before the end, but it's....not what you would expect. It's definitely not happy married music, but it's not like I'm dying the whole time either. It's dark, sarcastic, fun, strange, familiar and very different at the same time. It makes me feel alive and I wish I could show you right now. If you were here, at my house, I would pour you a drink and we would turn it up really loud and rock out to it, and I know you would love it."

In honoring some requests from fans about her gory lyrics, Amy says things will be different this time around! "Somebody asked why I talk about blood so much, complete with quite a few lyric quotes. It made me laugh. I promise to offer slightly less blood on the next album. Slightly." 

To top it all off, we've seen the members of Evanescence come and go through the band's lifespan. Lee addresses this issue and says the stability of the band is better than it ever has been. "I often get asked about band members, the whole 'is it a band, is it a solo, etc.' (understandably! There have been quite a few). Everyone who has ever been a part of Evanescence is a part of its story, a part of its soul. From day 1 it has been a collaborative effort and different people have contributed over the years. But it is more than just changed and become more interesting, more soulful, more honest than a perfect image will allow. The passion is what makes it live on, the obsessive focus on straight up, head first, love for the music. That is my band. And against all obstacles, I'm sticking to it."

These rockers will be headlining one of the gigs at the Maquinaria festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil November 7th and 8th. They'll be sharing the bill will "Faith No More", "Jane's Addiction", Deftones and many more. 


"If you were here, at my house, I would pour you a drink and we would turn it up really loud and rock out to it, and I know you would love it."

I would so totally hit Amy Lee up on that invitation... I would love to talk music worth someone so wonderfully talented and smart over a couple of drinks any day of the week...

So I guess my question for Ms. Lee is... When can I come visit? I'm dying to have that drink!