About Us

Nimrod Street is a Online Rock Community that started around the ideals of Punk-Rockers Green Day, a band from East Bay, California, in order to promote a positive message of general awareness in the medium that is most universal, music. Music is the perfect way to contribute to society, since everyone enjoys music no matter who they are, or where they live.

Green Day have promoted individuality throughout their career, and since we stand by that very principal, Nimrod Street stemmed from our admiration for the punk band's morals and views. Such, we came up with a plan that would ensure Nimrod Street would be just as unique.

We recognize the individual that you are and only demand that you live it. We have members that reside in different areas of the world, and the message is clear, be yourself and give back to the community. Nimrod Street's foundation was built around this very same principle.

We are always expanding and trying to accumulate a larger community, which allows us to give back to charities for different causes. We are dedicated to raise general awareness on issues ranging from Politics to Wildlife Conservation, keeping true to our core values and ideals, your individuality.

As a principal, we will never expect you to just follow our lead blindly. We will lay down the facts and present different views and alternatives. We will not force you to think in a specific way, but rather give you the tools to decide for yourself.

All in all, we just want you to have fun, we promise, this is just one of the few times we will be serious on our site. Now go, poke around and enjoy!

The Nimrod Street Admins